Landscaping | Walls

A variety of wall setups for retaining and decorative purposes.

Esplanade Tandem Wall

The Esplanade Tandem Wall is the second installment in the Tandem Wall line. Its stacked-stone appearance blends perfectly with the different masonry products offered by Permacon. It can be used…
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Lafitt Tandem Wall

The Lafitt Tandem Wall (now available in 90mm and 180mm heights) creates a unique look to be used many ways: in retaining walls, pillars, double-sided walls, benches and steps. This revolutionary…
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Celtik Wall

With a maximum height of 42 inches, the Celtik wall is considered the standard in the landscaping market. Celtik is reminiscent of old stone structures typical of the Irish and Scottish countryside.…
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Garden Wall

Ideal for those wishing to build their own garden planters or fire pits; split face surface, clearly defined edges, striking and nuanced shades for meticulously chosen aesthetics. There are a…
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