Landscaping | Pavers

Interlocking units for walkways or driveways.

Ridgefield Smooth

With a smooth face and gently textured edges, 70mm (2.76”) thick Ridgefield Smooth is a beautiful transition between traditional and sleek, modern styles
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With a subtle texture and a palette of earth tones, creamy whites and marbled greys, this durable architectural slab is suitable for almost any outdoor living space.
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A paver with an antique look, typical of the stone pathways found in historic neighborhoods of cities that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. This is an irregular look of chiselled…
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Mega Arbel

The unique and distinctive look of this paver comes from its random patterns that produce a mosaic-like effect. Each piece is exactly the same size, but with a variety of different false joint…
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A paver with an urban look: clean lines and a variety of slate-like textures to achieve a cut stone effect, reminiscent of English gardens. Perfect for driveways, walkways, and patios alike.
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Mondrian 80

A large-sized paver that mimics the richness of cut and chiselled stone for your trend-setting projects. This clean-edged paver is reminiscent of the textures and finishes of elegant, top-quality…
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Lexa Pavers

With its granulated finish and monochrome colours, the Lexa Paver has a perfectly urban look. This paver offers great installation versatility, as it can be installed in modular or linear patterns,…
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A unique paver with the sophisticated look of cut flagstone carefully chiselled by master landscapers, reminiscent of the Italian coast that shares its name. With its distinct modular sizes,…
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