Landscaping | Coping

Melville 60 Capping

Thanks to its smooth surface, this capping unit perfectly complements sleek, contemporary layouts. A capping unit is an essential accessory that adds the perfect finishing touch to a landscape…
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Oasis 60 Capping

Give your landscape project the expert finish you’re looking for with the clean, sleek lines of Oasis. These 60mm (2.36”) coping stones are available in classic colours and designed to accent…
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Cassina 70 Pool Coping

With its distinctive bullnose edge, narrower width, and highly versatile colour options, Cassina means comfort. Whether designing around curved pools, seat walls, or even step treads, this 70mm…
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Laguna 60 Pool Coping

A large format capping specially designed for rectangular pools, this bullnose capping with a smooth finish creates a trendy, contemporary look.
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