Masonry | Stone

A variety of concrete products with the look of cut stone.

Everest Stone

Everest Building Stone features a uniquely textured surface and dynamic colours. This highly dimensional stone provides drama and elegance for the most distinguished designs. • Available in…
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Fresco Stone

Our new twist on classic style, Fresco presents old-world dimension in a fresh presentation. Add authentic charm to both modern and traditional designs. • available in 3 stone sizes • 3 standard…
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Laurier Stone

A sophisticated classic, Laurier Building Stone offers traditional elegance with modern appeal. Well suited to both urban and country settings, Laurier Building Stone's clean lines and rocked…
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Citadel Stone

The timeless beauty of Citadel® Building Stone offers an inviting appearance that complements traditional and modern designs. Convey a sense of warmth, comfort, and permanence with the natural…
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Cinco Stone

Cinco stone is truly versatile, due to its five distinct colour options and a look that is part brick, part stone. With a double height and in five different lengths that are easy to mix and…
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Dufferin Plus Stone

With its modular shapes, surround and angular stones, Dufferin Plus stone offers exceptional versatility for interior and exterior architectural applications. The Dufferin Stone Plus has a wavy…
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Lamina / Mono Stone

This is the only conventional masonry coating that creates the appearance of stacked thin stone. Lamina stone offers a distinctive look that beautifies every project. With its innovative texture,…
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Lexa Stone

An innovative product with clean lines to achieve a masonry veneer with a modern look. Thanks to its avant-garde style, Lexa stone is infused with elegance and simplicity.
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Mondrian Stone

This innovative new generation of stone will add prestige and distinction to your design. Its texture, defined edges, slightly chiselled surfaces and slender forms provide a modern look. Available…
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Shadow Stone

The longer lengths and rugged textures of this ledged stone are suitable for the most exacting designs. Perfect for adding interest to any wall, Shadow Stone® blends consist of natural colour…
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Lafitt Stone

This concrete product will amaze you with the natural look of stone carved by a stonemason, reminiscent of old England. Lafitt stone can be complemented by numerous landscaping products to make…
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